Monday, December 3, 2012

Mobile Website Revision

After design iterations we have cut some unnecessary text out, reformatted the header, and added a home button at the top right.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Zen Garden Mobile

Usability Testing Feedback

For the most part our feedback was positive and unanimous. Users felt that:
  • It was easy to find the requested information (contact, specific bed bug facts, ect)
  • The website was credible and the business was respectable
  • They would recommend the site to a friend
  • They knew what the site was about
  • There were more than enough resources to contact Four Paws
  • The three steps on the 'Services' page were helpful and easy to understand.
There were a few things that were brought up by individual users (rarely unanimously) that we decided were legitimate things to change for our final site were:
  • A page header for the 'Services' page
  • The links to Facebook and linked in were too far in the corner
  • The home page needed a navigation button
We were pleased with the testing and feel as though these few changes will make the site an effective tool for web users in need of Bed Bug inspection.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Identity Strategy

  • Business name- Four Paws Bed Bug Detection.  The name includes the dog aspect of the company as well as letting people know what they detect. 
  • Web site tagline- We do not think it is necessary because the name has a strong indication of what is on the site.
  • logo- The logo has a picture of the bed bug and indicates where the company is located
  • URL/domain name- This URL is simpler than the one the company has currently.  We want customers to be able to remember the name of the web site.
  • Email-,
  • Facebook-
  • Twitter- The group does not feel that four paws should have a twitter mainly because there are not many updates that people should see.  Four paws has 32 followers, facebook would be more useful for them.
  • Youtube-  On the youtube channel there should be videos of Marley to show potential customers what exactly Marley does on a day to day basis.  People do not believe that beagles can sniff out bed bugs so youtube would be a great way to show that off.
  • Linkedin-, It will be connected with Varmint Guard as well as the trainer.  People will be able to find the company through this site.  
  • Yelp- Can show customers looking for bed bug companies in their area.
  • Angies List- Great way to have feedback to attract more business
Overall we wanted to keep the names of the web sites similar to one another so customers can easily remember everything.